5.course - Dance with passion life in English



    10.5. - 7.6. 2021        REGULARLY:     from  18 - 19 pm  

  • Want to feel feminine as hell?
  • Relax and do something for your body and mind while doing it?
  • The Dancing with Passion course is for women, who want to reawaken their passion and femininity !!!
  • Spanish Flamenco is a great dance for this purpose because it brings out the femininity, pride, and personality of a person, You will feel like an Andalusian mare :) proud and beautiful !!!
  • You will lose excess kg, improve your physical condition and learn something new and most importantly you will dance
  • The course is for beginners, especially for women over FOURTH !!!
  • to dance you don't need anything just a good mood and want to change something and believe that you can do it and I will help you. I look forward to what we will experience together!

COURSE PRICE: 5 lessons / 35 euro  (one lesson 60 min.)

SHOW how I teach.....your lesson will be in the English language

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This is how I teach my classes, check out the recordings of the live broadcasts I did on Facebook. On the dance with passion online  FB page. 

(The quality of the Facebook live broadcasts is not great. That's why the courses are through the ZOOM app, where excellent quality is guarannted.

The gushing passion of the great GIPSY KINGS, on which we'll turn it up...